How We Can Help

Adult Foster/ Family Care (AFC) is a state-funded program for individuals living with a caregiver that receive physical hands-on assistance or supervision/cuing with Activities of Daily Living.

The AFC is responsible for oversight and paying caregivers to care for individuals in a home-setting.

Are you a caregiver and spend your days physically assisting or supervising with ADL's? 

How We Can Help

We are...



  • A contracted MassHealth Provider
  • We assist seniors and young disabled individuals live with dignity and independence
  • A community based program that allows members to be cared for in a Home-setting
  • Ongoing Case Management by a RN Care Manager and Social Worker Care Manager
  • Provides Financial Relief for Caregivers
  • Caregivers receive a monthly stipend for providing daily care to individuals in need
  • A perfect alternative to institutional placement or residential group homes
  • #1 choice for Families, Caregivers, and Individuals in need of assistance and unable to live alone

Eligibility Requirements



To qualify for WeCare 365 , the following requirements must be met:

  • Prospective members must be over the age of 16, with MassHealth
  • We Accept most Health Plans
  • Prospective members & authorized caregivers MUST have a qualified home setting.
  • Prospective caregivers must be over the age of 18.
  • Prospective members must need assistance with ADL’s such as bathing, dressing, feeding, transfers and walking. 

Qualifying Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)